Delivery: 5-10 days


YOUR WORD - a steel bracelet with any chosen word (up to 11 characters!). Madness? Why not now? Dream? Flawless? Let’s run riot! Patience? Stone? Friends? Adventure? Grateful? Braveheart? Aim high? Truth? YOU decide :)!

How to choose an appropriate size?

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist in a place where the bracelet is to be worn (tightly, next to the skin). We always extend the measurement result a bit, thanks to which a bracelet can be closed easily and it fits well.

2. Choose your size ((S - 15cm, M - 16cm, L - 17cm) from our size table OR write it down in the comments field, if the circumference measurement deviates from the standard (if you cannot find the comments field, please send us information by e-mail to sendusaword@gmail.com)

3. Save the word selected by you in a comments field attached to the order - provided that it is a POSITIVE message (we do not realize the words which are considered to be offensive).

We have bent a few thousand words over the last few years, and therefore we can recommend the selection of words between 3 and 9 letters (not more) with a clear conscience; thus you can be sure that a bracelet will fit symetrically.

How long does the order completion take?
In a blink of an eye! We make every effort to have US words leave our workshop in 1-2 working days from the moment when the payment has been credited to our account.

If you wish to receive an ultra-fast shipment, please mark it in a comment to the order or in an e-mail - we love to race against the clock!

US as a present? A great choice!
Each bracelet goes into the world packed in a beautiful, white box with our flagship symbol - a black heart.
If you dream about a card with the wishes added to the present - there is nothing more simple than that - you just have to write us what we should write from the heart and to whom :).

How is it made?
All our bracelets and necklaces come to life in a fully analogue manner- by the work of our hands. Before a given word becomes an US - we measure and cut the wire to appropriate length, we carefully polish it, we bend it into various loops, diagonal lines and curves, and finally we press and polish them - all that is done by hand, with great precision, patience and absolute dedication.

Since US words are made from stainless steel by specific order, they can slightly differ from one another, but usually only we can spot such differences;).

And the most important thing - US words are true jewellery ACES - they can cope with everything! They are not scared by chloride present in water, alcohol contained in the perfumes or any cosmic substance that your wrists may come into contact with during everyday escapades. We are immensely proud that we can write the following with full consumer honesty - we put into your hands a product which is practically indestructible (if by any chance it becomes damaged, we shall immediately respond to your complaint sent by mail to sendusaword@gmail.com).

Composition: 100% stainless steel