US are letters and words enclosed in steel. The thoughts controlled from the level of the wrist.
We offer original, 100% hand made bracelets and necklaces, made from precious raw materials, such as steel, silver and gold.
They are a product for anyone who searches for a compromise between a tattoo, a jewellery piece and a personalized message. They are especially recommended to anyone who have unsuccessfully searched for dedicated presents for their nearest and dearest:).
Tell us what is important for you, what inspires, motivates or encourages you - we will realize the word chosen by you according to your wishes - in a specific size, for a present, with sensitivity and care for detail, with a positive message and a good thought. 

US words were born from a dream about an enriching detail, both in aesthetic and identity terms, from deep conviction that a word is an extremely alive and causative creation and from enormous longing for the space (including the virtual one), in which, apart from reliable craftsmanship, a person will be highly important, together with his or her time, needs and dreams, story, ideas, imagination, and above al - the sensation that he or she is in good hands.
We try to make the virtual space in which you are the guest to be a good and warm place, which favours all crazy ideas. We make every effort to quickly dissolve any doubts, respond to any questions, consult the patterns, provide advice and help in hard situations.
Our every action is based on the statement which we have once heard, which states that only permanent, beautiful and functional things may withstand the test of time, and therefore we make every attempt to make US words reflect this statement.

Since every order and person that stands behind it means an absolutely exceptional story to us, and aesthetics is as important to us as functionality, each US word goes into the world packed as a present.
If it is your first meeting with us, you should know that what we love most is the realization of individual orders - important, motivating words, which give direction, and to get to know these incredible stories behind the specific choices:). During the last four years we have brought to life over three thousand words in different languages - from Polish (our mother tongue) up to ... Korean (seriously!). And we still want more :)

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